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Here at Mozaik People, we’re about much more than filling vacancies and ticking boxes – we are here to build careers. We make it our business to connect our candidates with the right opportunities for them. Our strong partnerships with Global leading employers and our unique, personal approach to recruitment mean that you’ll have the support of one of the leading recruitment organizations.

Our multinational clients often come to us when they are looking to find the right people for confidential positions; this is naturally proof of the trust our clients have in our consultants and is a direct result of the close relationships we have built with our client, over the years. Our consultants are able to fully and accurately realise hiring plans, understand the nuances of the market and grasp the type of professional that a particular role requires    

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C.V Writing 



The importance of a well written, content rich and balanced CV is absolutely key in securing the role you want. The CV is one of the most critical tools used in the recruitment process and you need to get it right. A well-written CV will ensure you get selected for face-to-face interviews, but you also should be utilising it throughout the interview process. Making this process even more difficult is the fact that online search filters, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), are key systems that recruiters depend on, to find the right candidates. If your CV and application documents don’t stand up to their set criteria’s- this makes your chances of securing that dream job- even harder.

At Mozaik People, we have a dedicated team whom are CV writing specialists, with a wealth of industry knowledge, recruitment and HR expertise. They will also support you in the development of tools that will maximise your job search. We will work with you to ensure your CV and application documents stand out.

Our CV writing process us very personalised and we don’t work off generic questionnaires are quick consultations. We will ensure a full telephone of online consultation; extracting the information we need to ensure your CV is content rich and really represents you as a person.

So contact our friendly team for a no obligation review of your CV or to discuss how we can help you secure your next positions, pay rise or career direction.

Theunis C. Goosen

Head of Architecher
“Working with Angela was wonderfuperience. She was able to quickly discern what I specifically needed to communicate to potential employers and articulated it beautifully in a clinical CV that I can proudly share. I have already recommended her services to my peers. Thanks again.


Jude Lee


“Mozaiks C.V service was second to none. Very professional and in good time. I would recommend this service to anyone.”

Thank you Mozaik

Renshe Olivier


Director of Complinace

“Angela was so helpful in creating a professional resume that highlighted my accomplishments and spoke to my experience that aligned to my career goals. I highly recommend her!”

Paul Thacjwray

Music Lead

Beatstart Ape Games

“Writing up one’s own CV in a way that accurately & effectively expresses career history can be a very subjective exercise. Angela’s experience and direction with this crucial process is exemplary and the results speak for themselves. Highly recommended!”

Hendus Venter

Group Chief Information Officer

“Thanks to Angela for an energetic, pragmatic, professional and fun engagement. 😉 I can recommended Angela for impactful and objective guidance on CV writing as well as fit for purpose interview training. Be prepared to be challenged”

Prima Castelion

Head of Strategic Partnerships

“I had the privilege to meet and work with Angela as I had started to look for a job after 11 years working in an organization and it was a thoroughly engaging and eye opening experience. Angela is a veteran in CV writing – our initial online meeting was enough for her to assist me in deciding how I want to take my career forward. It ended up getting me interviews and few job offers which I would not have achieved without her expert writing skills. She is a thorough professional and adviser on the current job market scene where she also guided me on and how to manage interviews, hiring managers and my personal expectations.”

Claude Schuck

Managing Director 

“When it comes to updating and keeping your “Brand” i.e. your CV, LinkedIn profile up to date and relevant, I can highly recommend Angela in the way she manages this. Angela takes the time to get to understand, You , as an individual your strengths your demeanour and then translates that into punchy relevant information that brings your “Brand” into words, Thank you.”

Wade Halverson


HSSE, America.

“Angela is a Rockstar and has been amazing throughout this entire process. I had so many questions when it came to my resume, I thought I had a great resume until my finished product came. She made me rethink everything and focus on what I really want.
After several hours of conversations and evaluating my 20 years of experience, she was able to consolidate and create a professional resume. Angela gave me great advice and coached me… and pointed out for me to achieve my goals, I need to finish my degree.
If you are looking for more than a resume service and someone who will give you an honest evaluation, she is it! She will help you reach your goals with a 5-star resume!!”


Back to Work


At Mozaik People, we are tapping into the goldmine of hidden talents- and that is mums wanting to get back into the job market. The biggest issue mums face is that they find it hard to recognize and articulate their worth and experience because of a career break. Just because you have had a career break, it does not mean you didn’t bring forward valuable experiences and skill sets.  At Mozaik People, we are here to get you to that starting point (physically, mentally and emotionally) and take that step.

2022 is just around the corner, and this is the time to invest in yourself and press that restart button to your career. We have been working with mums from a wide range of backgrounds, across administration, HR, operations, finance, compliance, risk, legal, financial, sales, marketing, pharma, supply chain, teachers… this list is endless. You are truly a talented bunch!

We take a holistic approach to nurturing and supporting mums who want to re-enter the job market. We want to develop a community and bespoke programs that give you the confidence to get back out there. This community is to support, share and uplift each other. 

The Program


  • One-on-one consultation that will address your current reservations, understand your working history and collect the information needed to professional write your CV, cover letter and Linkedin profile. (Consultations are done via zoom due to Covid-19 restrictions)
  • 2 webinars that are focused on’ Rediscovering your Value’ and ‘How to prepare for an interview?’
  • A monthly coffee sessions that brings the community of mom’s wanting to get back to work together to share and network. Each monthly meet up will have different topics that we discuss and set up action plans for.

This program is designed to set up a community that supports each other but also gives you the tools to boost your own confidence and put your best foot forward.

Sarah Haynes

Mozaik People gave me a platform to develop my confidence and helped me realise the value I bring to the job market. They provided me with an amazing CV and Linkedin profile that supported my overall recruitment strategy. I was able to secure a full time role in 3 weeks, in the legal sector- where my past experience was and where my true passion is.”


Carine Stoops

Mozaik People gave me the tools to get back to work after a 13-year career break.  In the beginning it seems like such a daunting task, but Angela was able to break down the methodical steps and gave me the right tools, to successful launch me back into the technology sales sector.

Thank you Mozaik

Melissa Kane

I love being a mom, but I love being a mom who is financial independent and thriving at work too.  I loved staying at home looking after the kids for the first 4 years but I knew I wanted to get back. Angela gave me the tools and job search strategy that focused on the right and smart applications. I secured a role in 6 weeks as a regional director within the healthcare sector